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About Ballarat Wildlife Park

Situated in the outskirts of Ballarat, the Ballarat Wildlife Park is one of the largest privately owned parks in Australia. With your Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets, you get to explore and experience animal encounters, including meeting the Giant tortoises, Meerkats, Dingoes, and Emus. You also witness a lovely sight of free roaming kangaroos, wombats, and koalas, while encountering the Sumatran tigers is one-of-its-kind of experience. Get a glimpse of a colony of little penguins, which are also the smallest penguin species in the world. The Ballarat Wildlife Park allows you to click some great pictures with these incredible animals, and also provides you with the facility to feed certain animals.

Moreover, this wildlife park is actively involved in conservation and preservation of endangered and rare species, and hosts several presentations pertaining to the same. Founded by the Parker family in 1985, the Ballarat Wildlife Park was born out of passion to conserve and protect the wildlife and the environment. The tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park also include carefully crafted guided tours, and live shows, so that the exploration of the diverse flora and fauna is carried out in a smooth manner.

Why Book Ballarat Wildlife Park Tickets

The tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park give you exclusive access to some incredible animal attractions, and lets you experience wildlife up close. It is recommended to book your Ballarat Wildlife tickets online to ensure a hassle-free entrance, and to avoid large queues. Moreover, the online tickets option comes with a great deal of discounts, additional benefits, and so on.

Highlights:- The Tickets give you access to explore all the Ballarat Wildlife Park animals and have a fun-filled day along with your friends and family at one of the most visited animal attractions in Victoria.- Ballarat Wildlife Park houses animals such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, lizards, snakes, and even crocodiles. - The Ballarat Wildlife tickets allow you to witness some incredible animal experiences such as spotting the Meerkats, Little Penguin exhibit, and meeting the Koalas. - You also get to visit the Tiger Sanctuary, and witness the tigers from Sumatra.- Every Saturday, a guided tour to the park's most well-known enclosures takes place.

Inclusions:- The tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park include a complete one-day entry. - You also get to witness animal shows taking place everyday with your Ballarat Wildlife tickets. - Live presentations related to information about animals can also be accessed with tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park.

Why Visit Ballarat Wildlife Park?

A perfect nature retreat, the Ballarat Wildlife tickets provide the opportunity to sightsee animals such as Meerkats, Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, crocodiles, and even the Sumatran tigers. This wildlife park is one of the most fun things to explore with your close ones, and is a great picnic spot for families. With the Ballarat Wildlife tickets, Kids and adults get to enjoy animal attractions such as Meerkat presentation, Penguin presentation, Dingo talk/walk, Reptile presentation, Tiger presentation and many more. Moreover, the Ballarat Wildlife Park is home to the biggest private collections of animals in Australia, housing over 400 animals, both native and exotic.

The tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park also allow you to click some photographs of yourself with these animals up close. You also get to learn about the animals in the park, and there are several presentations with regards to conservation of animals as well. Explore more about some of the animals such as the southern cassowaries, giant tortoises, emus, and many more with your Ballarat Wildlife tickets.

Things To Do At Ballarat Wildlife Park

The Ballarat Wildlife tickets provide several things to do and experiences to indulge in at the Ballarat Wildlife Park. You can enjoy meeting the animals, and cherish some really wonderful animal encounters. The tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park also help you learn about protection and conservation of these animals in a practical manner.

Meet The Animals

With an addition of six Meerkats, the Ballarat Wildlife tickets give you a lovely sight of these animals, which can be seen cuddling and sleeping on a cold night. Moreover, in the Little Penguin exhibit, meet the penguins exclusively found on the Australian mainland, which are also known to be the smallest of penguins in the world. Furthermore, the Ballarat Wildlife entry tickets allow you to meet Maneki and Satu, the tigers from Sumatra, who can mostly be found eating or enjoying the sun. As you move forward, you also meet some rare species such as the brown Toadlet, Growling Grass Frog, and other common animals such as quokkas, black snakes (red-bellied), emus, and crocodiles.

Enjoy Animal Encounters

One of the most fun things to do with your Ballarat Wildlife entry tickets is to enjoy some famous animal encounters, including experiences such as patting a koala. You even get to click a photograph with these animals, for a little extra cost. Moreover, do not forget to visit the 80 years old Giant Tortoise. While you are at it, meet tPablo, the Boa Constrictor, and Moss the Coastal carpet python, who might even be wrapped around your shoulders while you get yourself clicked. Also, meet the cute wombats of the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

Learn About The Conversation Programs

One of the most interesting things to look out for in the Ballarat Wildlife Park, are its presentations exploring topics such as conservation of endangered species, wildlife, flora and fauna, and so on. This wildlife park was among the first ones in Australia to breed Tasmanian Devils, and with the goal of protecting them from the contagious cancer that has spread over 90% of its species, the park provides several additional information related to safe breeding.The Ballarat Wildlife Park is also home to the ‘Save the Koala program’, which is essentially about purchasing the Koala food with the sponsorship money. The park also extends its support to the Tiger Protection Conservation Units (TPCU).

Tips To Visit Ballarat Wildlife Parks

  • Kangaroo food is available at the entrance of the Ballarat Wildlife Park.
  • Your photographs from the Animal encounter experience are available to be collected from the Gift shop staff within 60 minutes of your experience.
  • The Animal encounter experiences are subject to cancellation without any prior notice. To confirm the running of these experiences, it is recommended to call the Wildlife park authorities beforehand.
  • Koala encounter activity might be prone to cancellation if the temperatures rise above 34 degree celsius.
  • In the winters, the Snake Animal encounter or the Giant Tortoise experience might be cancelled, owing to the cold weather.

Know Before You Book The Ballarat Wildlife Park Tickets

Essential Infromation
How To Reach Ballarat Wildlife Park

Location: 250 Fussell ST, Ballarat East VIC 3350, Ballarat East VIC 3350 (No entry on, Richards St), Australia

Timings: The Ballarat Wildlife Park is open every day from 9:00 am in the morning to 5:00 pm in the evening.

Animal Presentation Timings:

  • During Weekdays:- 12:00 pm - Meerkat presentation- 12:30 pm- Penguin presentation- 13:30 pm- Dingo talk/walk presentation- 14:00 pm- Reptile presentation- 14:30 pm- Tiger presentation- 15:30 pm- Tasmanian Devil presentation
  • During Weekends: All the weekday presentations are included during weekends with an additional crocodilian presentation at 3:00pm.

Note: All the presentations are subject to change without any prior notice.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Ballarat Wildlife Park is considered to be the months between September and November, since the spring and autumn season provides pleasant weather. When visiting the wildpark, do keep in mind that the best time to avail your Ballarat Wildlife tickets is during the early hours or early afternoon upon its opening, since it is a great spot to picnic, experience animal attractions, and spend considerable amount of time at.

  • By Bus: If commuting by bus, choose line 20, Southern Cross Coach Terminal/Spencer St to reach Ballarat Wildlife Park.

  • By Train: To reach Ballarat Wildlife Park from Southern Cross, choose train 15. The journey duration is about two hours and 15 minutes with a total distance of 118 kms.

  • By Car: If choosing to commute via a car, the entire journey distance is about 112.2 kms, which will take about one hour and fifteen minutes to commute.

Ballarat Wildlife Park FAQs

Do we need to book in advance for Ballarat Wildlife Park Tickets?

It is recommended to book the Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets in advance, since most of the animal encounters and exhibits remain sold out. To avoid queues, and facilitate a hassle-free entrance, it is advisable to book your tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park online.

What is the minimum age required to book Ballarat Wildlife Park Tickets?

There is no minimum age requirement to visit the Ballarat Wildlife Park, provided the entry for infants, that is, children ranging from 0 to 4 years of age is free of cost. Children between the ages of five to fifteen are offered an additional discount on the Ballarat Wildlife tickets.

What is the best time to visit Ballarat Wildlife Park?

The best time to visit the Ballarat Wildlife Park would be during the early hours, or right during the afternoon, since the park tends to get crowded by the evening. Moreover, since exploring the entire park requires at least half a day, it is recommended to start earlier.

What is so special about Ballarat Wildlife Park?

The Ballarat Wildlife Park is one the largest privately owned Wildlife parks in Australia, with more than 400 exotic and endangered animals to view. Moreover, the park is actively involved in conservation of the rare species, and is a great picnic spot for families and friends alike. You also get to click pictures with some of the most incredible animals, which can be found free-roaming in the park.

Will I get discounts on purchasing Ballarat Wildlife Park Tickets?

Booking your Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets online comes with several perks such as a hassle free entrance, and some really exciting discounts and inclusions.


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